Future Meetings


June 12

6:30 -7:00                Orchid Doctor    Pam Larocco-bring your sick orchid for diagnosis

6:30-7:00                  Social hour/ Orchid sale of plants from Locust Grove Event. These will now be sold at a discount! Sale of copies of books authored by Steve Frowine and copies of the latest AOS presentation “Orchids and Their Culture”

7:00-7:30                  Business meeting

7:40-8:30                  Featured speaker: Steve Frowine presenting “It’s All About Culture”

8:30-9:00                   Show-N-tell, raffle, book sales

9:00                            Adjourn

Introduction to presentation:

As anyone who has read Susan Orlean’s The Orchid Thief or has seen the movie Adaptation knows, orchids inspire a passionate following. And their popularity is rising: according to the USDA, more than 12.7 million orchids were sold in the U.S. last year.

Steve’s  best-selling book , Orchids for Dummies  serves as a guide for “newbies” to this wildly popular group of plants. The book and lecture serve as friendly guides introducing orchid fanciers to today’s most popular and intriguing orchid varieties and shows step-by –step information on how toselect healthy plants at a nursery or commercial grower, cultivate them successfully at home, promote blooms, and create beautiful orchid displays. This is a very intensive practical-information-based talk.

This talk is aimed at beginners and intermediate growers, although veterans will likely also reap valuable cultural tips.

Bio for Steve Frowine:

Steve has been a plant nerd most all of his life. His fixation with orchids started in junior high school when his dad brought one back as a present from Florida. For many years he has continued to grow orchids under lights, in shade houses, greenhouses and windowsills.

Steve holds a BS and MS in Horticulture from Ohio State University and Cornell.

He has been privileged to work as some of the top organizations and companies in horticulture in the U.S. including the Missouri Botanical Garden, the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii, Cleveland Botanical Garden, Pittsburgh Civic Garden Center, W. Atlee Burpee Company, and White Flower Farm, and has been a horticultural marketing consultant for many other companies.

He’s written articles for most major gardening magazines and has been on the boards of the Garden Writers Association (GWA), National Gardening Association (NGA), and American Public Gardens Association and on the Visiting Committee of Longwood Gardens.

He has given over 500 lectures throughout the US and Mexico and Guatemala and has written four orchid books, Orchids for Dummies, Fragrant Orchids, Miniature Orchids, and Moth Orchids, the Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis.

Through all these changes and years in horticulture, one passion that has remained constant is Steve’s love of growing orchids.

He now resides in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.



Next up:

July 11   (THURSDAY)    Featured speaker : Leon Glicenstein presenting “Glicenstein’s Monsters”

August 14                         Members presenting orchid culture of Phalaenopsis and Vandas with presentation by  Jamie from Waterfront Botanical Gardens regarding the joint program in November   

September 11                  Jennifer Sutton discussing greenhouse culture of orchids

Other events:

Nov 10                                    Educational event on orchids to be presented in conjunction with Waterfront Botanical Gardens at their new education center at Franfort Ave. and River Road. See their website to sign up (sign up not yet available)