Central Indiana Orchid Show

IMG_0237KOS Ribbon Winners

Best of Class

  • Psygmorchis pusilla–Jan Smith


  • for class-Psygmorchis pusilla–Jan Smith
  • Cattleya ‘Jose Mari ‘Mothers Favorite’–Carla Cates
  • Slc Stephen Benjamin–Gloria Teague
  • Oncidium chaculatum Golden Pacific–Dick Humke
  • Phal Marianne Plock–Jan Smith


  • Oncidium Sharry Baby–Ruth Schneider
  • for mini-Psygmorchis pusilla–Jan Smith


  • Masdevallia Razzle Dazzle–Dick Humke
  • Seidenfadenia mitrata–Carla Cates
  • Oncidium unknown–Gloria Teague
  • Phal unknown–Jan Smith
  • Phal Unknown–Jan Smith
  • Phal Unknown–Jan Smith
  • Phrag warscewiczianum–Jan Smith
  • Mitoniopsis ‘Echo Bay’–Jan Smith

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