Central Indiana Orchid Show

Indianapolis, Indiana

April 20-22, 2018

The Kentucky Orchid Society entered a display including 21 lovely plants. We were awarded 14 ribbons. Ribbon winners included:

Steve Benjamin

Best of Class      Rhyncattalanthe Lovely Martha

Blue                     Traditional Laelia hybrid

Red                      Catyclia Hawaiian Rose

Red                       Paph. Captivatingly Wood

Red                       Sarco. hybrid

 White                   C. Classic

White                   Enathlaya Banana Split ‘OK’

Linda Solley-Kanipe

White                    Onc. Sharry Baby ‘Red Fantasy’

Dick Humke

White                     Paph. wenshanense

Carla Cates

Blue                       Lc. Soto Splendor

Janet Smith

Blue                       Dtps. Everspring Prince

Red                        Phal. unknown

Red                        Phal. Marianne Plock

White                    Den. Himezakura ‘Sandokku’


Congratulations to all!KOS table Indiana Show 2018.Apr.22



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