KOS at the Miami Valley Orchid Society Show

The Kentucky Orchid Society entered a display at the MVOS Show on February 14-16, 2020. Seven KOS members sent 25 plants to Dayton for entry in the KOS display and there were 13 ribbons awarded to these plants! Gloria Teague and Pam LaRocco set up the lovely display that you see below.

KOS Display at Miami Valley Orchid Society in Dayton, Ohio February 2020

The following ribbons were taken home by the members:

  • Larry Atwood: 1 blue, 1 red
  • Karen Bloom: 1 blue
  • Jim Temple: 1 red
  • Gloria Teague: 2 blue
  • Pam LaRocco: 2 blue, 3 red, 2 white

Pam had a plant pulled for AOS judging, an honor in and of itself!

You can see a few of the ribbons here:

KOS member Stephen Benjamin had his own display right next door to the KOS. Stephen, as you can see, won several ribbons. The large cattleya in the top of the exhibit won the award for the best specimen plant in the show and Paph. Ooh La La was given an OAS award with 89 points.

Stephen Benjamin’s Display
C. trianae ‘Highjack’–MAOC Lowell Jacks award for best specimen plant

Paph. Magical Contrasts ‘OK Too’

Paph. Magical Contrasts ‘OK Too’ got an AOS award of merit with a score of 86 points and the MAOC Fox Valley award for best Cypripedium allied plant in the show. (Unfortunately, my blow-up above is not an award winner, but you can see it in the bigger photo above).

Four other of Stephen’s plants were pulled and reviewed, but not awarded in AOS judging. Wow!

In Cincinnati on 2/9, another of his Paphs, Paph. Mem. Vicki Lynn Nagy ‘OK’ got awarded with 78 point HCC.

Quite a showing, Stephen!