KOS at the Greater Cincinnati Orchid Spring Show April 2022

KOS got back into the Orchid Show scene with a 50 sq. ft. entry into the GCOS Show on April 9-10.

We won a first place ribbon on that display, which included over 50 orchids from our members’ collections. Among the 30+ awards were three Best of Class awards!

Best of Class include:

Phalaenopsis NOID-pale pink, grown by Stu Fleischaker

Epidendrum Miura Valley, grown by Karen Bloom

Renanthera monachica, grown by Stephen Benjamin

This is the overall display. Stu’s award was the pink cloud in the upper right hand side of the display. Karen’s is just to the left of Stu’s, with clusters of smaller pink flowers. Stephen’s plant is the orange airy branch to the far left of the display. Check out the close-ups of different areas of the display, for better images.

Stephen’s Renanthera is in the upper left hand corner

Karen’s Epidendrum is at the very top and partly cut off.

The following are the ribbons and awards given the KOS members with the names of their plants

KOS display Blue

Stu Fleischaker

Blue, Best of Class Phal NOID (pink multiflower)

Blue Phal. NOID (multiflower yellow)

Jim Lardner

White Phal NOID (yell/purple specks)

White Phal NOID (white with burgundy)

Blue Phal NOID (White/pink lip)

Blue Phal NOID (Yell/purple stripes)

Jan Smith

White Lept. bicolor

Red Slc. Circle of Life x Slc. Life’s Melody

Red Tolumnia Jairak Flyer

Red Phal. Yu Pin Burgundy

White Sc. Beaufort x C aurantiaca

Pam LaRocco

Red C. trianae

White Ornithocephalus inflexus

Blue Phal. Surf Song

Sal Locasio

Red Phrag, Don Wimber

Red Phal NOID, white

White Phal NOID, fuschia

White Phal NOID, purple

Karen Bloom

Red Lc. Irene Finney ‘Springs Best’

Blue, Best of Class Epi. Miura Valley

Michele Berry

Blue Blc. Gulfshore’s Beauty

Red Phal. NOID Yell/pink picotee

Red Phal. NOID small white

Blue Brsdm. Nittany Gold ‘Patience’

Stephen Benjamin

Red Den. Swiss Mountain Palace

White Ludisia discolor

White C. Jinn x C. kautskyana

Red C. intermedia

Blue, Best of Class Ren. monachica

White Sarco. TicTac

Red Paph. Ella Singing

Blue Den. Green Mist x Den Nida

White Paph. Queenslander x Paph. Gridlock

Red Ludisia discolor var nigresence x Anct. formusans