Plant Preparation for KOS Shows

KOS Show Guidelines for Plant Owners

If you have setup, done breakdown, or transported for a show, you understand the importance of the following information. Setting up a display or helping transport plants is fun but takes some time. It is not fun to have someone’s plant get damaged or find a confusing mess upon arrival or teardown. Following these simple steps will make a world of difference for those who are so kind as to provide these services for our club. Please do your part in making everyone’s experience the best it can be!
In and around show season, keep orchids bug free and stake all spikes for the best possible display of your plants blooms.
MUST: Register all prospective plants by the deadline. Late registrations will not be accepted.
Clip all spent and fading blooms. Clean your plant of fertilizer residue.
Be certain there are NO BUGS.
SUGGESTION: Spray your plants, not blooms, with one of the Bayer systemic insecticides as a prophylactic measure
Stake spikes you have breakage concerns about. You may leave any staking you have done previously. Make a note to go with the plant as to whether or not you want it to be displayed with the staked. If there is no note, the people designing the display will make the decision for you.
Before transport day, find a box big enough to hold your plants but small enough to transport easily. You may need more than 1 box.
Put your name on the pots of all plants that you are sending
Put your name in large lettering on all of your boxes
Label the bottom of the box with plant names, as to where you want which plant placed in that box. (Your plants will be returned to you in these boxes as you sent them)
Put packing peanuts, foam, newspaper, cloth, or bubble wrap between your plants to stabilize them in transport
If you registered a plant but decided not to show it, please leave a note in your box telling the display setup people that you have “scratch” the entry.

NOTE: Failure to comply with these instruction may result in your plant(s) being damaged or not taken for the display.