KOS at the Central Indianapolis Orchid Society Show

The Kentucky Orchid Society entered a display in the orchid show at the Garfield Park Conservatory on the weekend of April 13-14 2019. The display was designed by Gloria Teague and Pam Larocco and earned a red ribbon. How lovely! Congratulations ladies!   Seven KOS members displayed plants in the show and received multiple ribbons! … More KOS at the Central Indianapolis Orchid Society Show

We Held a Tea Party!

  It was a big weekend for The Kentucky Orchid Society! We held our annual show and sale on September 29 and 30 at the St. Matthews Episcopal Church. There were hundreds of beautiful orchids on display from multiple orchid societies and growers, with judging by American Orchid Society judges. Several vendors were on hand … More We Held a Tea Party!

KOS at the 23 rd Locust Grove Gardener’s Fair

On May 11-13, the Kentucky Orchid Society participated for the first time in the annual Locust Grove event. Thanks to multiple members who participated in assembling and staffing our booth, the event was a success for KOS! The orchids were beautiful, the camaraderie enjoyable, and the crowd was enthused about our flowers. The funds accrued … More KOS at the 23 rd Locust Grove Gardener’s Fair

Kentucky Orchid Society visits Cherokee Rehab

KOS was pleased to visit and make a presentation to members of the Cherokee Park Rehab Center in Louisville, KY on 4/28/18. President Ruth Schneider, and members Liz Smith and Pam LaRocco explained how to grow and propagate orchids to the people assembled. They discussed the many varieties, their differences, fragrances, and how to repot … More Kentucky Orchid Society visits Cherokee Rehab

Orchid Trivia

Despite the wonderful conditions for growing orchids in Hawaii, there are only three orchids native to these islands. One of the most common orchids found growing in the wild, however, is a terrestrial orchid commonly known as the bamboo orchid (Arundina graminifola). These can be seen growing by the roadside in Volcano National Park. It … More Orchid Trivia