Congratulations Stephen Benjamin!

The Kentucky Orchid Society is delighted to congratulate member Stephen Benjamin on the AOS award recently received by a one of his plants.

AOS Award 20182234
Rhycholaeliocattleya Duh’s Wisdom ‘OK’ AM/AOS…Stephen Benjamin

This beauty was recently given an Award of Merit by the American Orchid Society at the Cincinnatti Judging Center:

Name : Rhyncholaeliocattleya Duh’s Wisdom
Clonal name: ‘OK’

Award: AM (Award of Merit) (81 points)

Parents: Rhyncholaelia digbyana x Rhyncholaeliocattleya Golden Regal

This is the third time that this particular cross has received an award. It is not Stephen’s “first rodeo” either! He has received a total of >50 awards and two of them have been for plants that he hybridized and grew! Another cross that he produced was given an award when a different grower submitted it for judging. Despite this, he remains humble about this whole process, stating that “the plant does all the work”. As a hobbyist who would love to get just one award, I beg to differ!