KOS at the Central Indianapolis Orchid Society Show

The Kentucky Orchid Society entered a display in the orchid show at the Garfield Park Conservatory on the weekend of April 13-14 2019. The display was designed by Gloria Teague and Pam Larocco and earned a red ribbon. How lovely! Congratulations ladies!



Seven KOS members displayed plants in the show and received multiple ribbons! Below are a list of their ribbons and a few pictures of some of their entries.


Gloria Teague  (1 blue, 1 red)  She received a blue ribbon for a Ascocenda hybrid with parents Ascda. Tubti Velvet x Ascda. Muang Thong. This plant was pulled by the judges for AOS judging and received an AOS HCC award with 78 points! Gloria now gets the honor of naming the cross–congratulations! See her prise winner below!


And, her other entry:P1050616


Carla Cates (3 blue, 1 red, and 1 white). Carla also had a plant pulled for AOS judging–Cattleya Jose Marti ‘Mother’s Favorite’. Though it did not get an AOS award, this is an honor all by itself!




Sal Locasio (1 red)


Pam Larocco (2 blue, 3 red)


David Easley (3 white)


Jan Smith (2 red, 1 white)



Here are a few photos of other interesting plants at the show.