Best of Class Plants from the KOS Show 2022

Enjoy these pictures of some of the best plants displayed at the KOS 2022 Show Oct 1-2

The trophy winners submitted by KOS members are noted with the member’s name.

Phal. equestris f. coerulea (Jan Smith)

Rlc. Newberry Delight ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS; also the winner of the KOS President’s Award and the Benjamin Cattleya Alliance Award

Cym. Golden Vanguard ‘Emperor’

Bulbo. hirundinis ‘Windy Hill’s Fireworks’ Am/AOS

Scaphosepalum breve

Encyclia radiata (Jan Smith)

Dendrobium dearei
Cattleya no name (Jan Smith)

Paph. Larry Sexton, also the winner of the Humke Cypripedium Alliance Award

Papilionanda Memphis Neon Hummingbird–also the Winner Of Hartmann Vanda Alliance Award

C. maxima (Stephen Benjamin)

Gomesa colorata

Orchid Arrangement trophy winner (Jim Lardner)

Orchid Related Art Entries trophy winner (Alan Schroeder)