KOS at the GCOS Spring 2023 Show

The Kentucky Orchid Society entered an orchid display at the Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society Spring Show, which received a red ribbon and contained many ribbon winning plants. There were 8 members of KOS who contributed a total of 37 plants, 28 of which were awarded at least one ribbon! Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all those who helped with set up and “take down” of the display!

The display included two Best of Class winners:

1. Cattlianthe Gold Digger (Carla Cates)-Best of Cattleya Alliance; also the recipient of the Betty Forker Award, one of special awards given at the spring show by GCOS

2. Dendrobium Red Emperor ‘Ember’ (Karen Bloom)–Best of the Dendrobiums

Ribbon winners:

Heather Pollard–Phal. japonica (white)

Danetta Willias–Phal. no ID (white)

Larry Atwood (one red, two white)–V. paki (blue), Phal. no ID, purple w/ big lip (blue), Phal. no ID, pink multifloral (blue); Pot. Forbidden Love (red), Phal. no ID, mini purple (white)

Carla Cates–Cattlianthe Gold Digger (BOC), Cattlianthe Jewel Box (white)

Karen Bloom–Den. Red Emperor (BOC), Pot. Forbidden Love (red), Pot. Martha Clarke x Starfire Ruben’s (red), Pot. Dick Smith (white)

Jan Smith– Paph. Toni Semple (blue), Phal. Ox Happy Girl (blue), Phal. Louilin Sparrow ‘Taida Violet Butterfly’ (blue), Phal. Little Gem Stripes (red), Galeopentalum Starburst (red), Den. bracteosum x tanii (white), Den. unicum (white)

Stephen Benjamin–Rhynch. digbyana B (blue), Guar.Red Star (blue), Sarco. Kulnara Rusty x Parma (blue), Den. Aussie’s Hi-Lo (blue), Rhynch. digbyana A (red)

Phal. japonica (left), Phal Lioulin Sparrow (right)

Galeopetalum Starburst (left); purples in display (right)