KOS at the CIOS Spring 2023 Show

The Kentucky Orchid Society entered an orchid display at the Central Indiana Orchid Society Spring Show in Indianapolis on April 22-23, which received a blue ribbon and contained 23 ribbon winning plants. There were 7 members of KOS who contributed a total of 34 plants, 23 of which were awarded at least one ribbon! Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all those who helped with set up and “take down” of the display!

The display included a Best of Class Winner:

Paphiopedilum Toni Semple (Jan Smith)-Best of the Cypripedium Alliance, and Winner of the Ron Williams Award, for the Best Paphiopedilum in the Show.

Ribbon winners:

KOS  display—blue

Stephen Benjamin:

Blue— Phal. Sogo Reflex, Sarco. Kulnara One A, Bc. Bessho, C. violacea, Sarco. ceaeliae

Red—  C. Noblior var Amalie from striata, Sarco. Kulnara One B, Oncidesa Hwuluduen Chameleon, V. richardsiana B

White—C. Christian Star, C. Hamill, Sarco Hybrid, V. richardsiana A

Karen Bloom:

Red— Pot. Dick Smith ‘Paradise’

Jan Smith:

Blue— Paph. Toni Semple (BOC, Ron Williams Award)

Red— Phal. NOID (pink with white lip)

White—Aliceara Marfitch, Columbia Jairak Flyer, Epi. Muira Valley

Danetta Willias:

Blue— Phal. NOID, small purple multi

Anne-Marie Blanchaert-Bruyninckx:

Blue— Phrag. Sinking Creek, Tolumnia Pretty in Pink

White—Epi. Wedding Valley, Cattleytonia hybrid

Congratulations to all!